Runnig Shadow-tc Package Locally

I’m trying to run everything locally, so I cloned the shadow_tc package and executed the world file in Gazebo. However, when I try to spawn the robot model from the URDF file, I keep getting errors indicating that dependencies like fh_desc or ur_description are not available. I also cloned these packages separately, but still can’t spawn the robot correctly. I redid the whole process in a rosject space and got the same errors. Any advice?

Have you tried installing those dependencies?

ur_description is probably the URDF description files for the Universal Robot arm in the simulation. My guess is that the shadow’s URDF is calling that package as a xacro and it can’t find it. Same thing with the fh_desc, although I’m not sure what that’s for specifically.

Thanks for your response
by “installing dependencies” do you mean the cloning of the the corresponding packages, referencing them in the URDF file of the ‘shadow_tc’ pkg, and sourcing the workspace, or am I supposed to take any other extra actions?
Because I did everything mentioned above (for both ‘ur_description’ which is for UR arm and ‘fh_desc’ that is for shadow hand) and still can’t spawn any robot inside the world.

Yes, that’s what I mean.

If you are still getting an error that

dependencies like fh_desc or ur_description are not available.

then that means they are not installed correctly, or that the gazebo spawning still can’t find those packages.

It is very difficult to diagnose what might be going wrong in a local environment without more information. It could be a myriad of issues. In fact, that is one of the great advantages of using our platform.