Rviz2 does not get radar virtual CAN data - Lecture9 Autoware Auto Course

Hi @staff I am going deep in Autoware Auto. I posted some question in ROS answers and autoware issues. However I still did not got an answer (it is a very local “issue” from my machine), as unfortunately I am not a software engineer expert. I would appreciate very much if some of you guys could give me one hand in this issue?
I will copy the link of it in ROS Answers:


Thanks very much in advance

The link is no longer available in answers.ros.org.

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yes @ralves thanks, but I have other Question!

They closed my issue because I have used a picture of my Terminal which is a conflict with their good guidelines…However I fixed the question, then they reopened it and after some exhaustive days working over it I “found the error” or at least I used a trick. The answer is here:


Actually this trick is not valid for everything then I have a new question, which I will be very very grateful if you or @staff can help me: It is regarding the following message error and I believe it is the core and origin of all my other errors in AutowareAuto and Ade in container:
Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped)

I have also put this question in ROS_Answers. The link is below:

I really believe it is a more software engineering problem than a ROS2 problem, unfortunately I am far from to be an IT or software engineer guy hehehe ( I am a mechanical eng and robotics enthusiast).

Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped) is normally because you are trying to access an empty variable, accessing a pointer that is pointing to nothing.

A good way to identify is to put some prints (std::cout or roswarns) until you find the problem.

You could also use gdb to debug your program.

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Ok @ralves is there a Tutorial how to issue cmds such as those you said? Or also one tutorial how to use gdb along ROS2?

I think now I am aware about what happened. I have read one class of Autoware yesterday that says:

I did not understand the difference of precompiled and build from source in this AUTOWARE-CONTAINER context. Could you help me to understand please?
Because when I source the install/setup.bash and later launch a ROS2 node or rviz2 I got this core dumped error.

I believe that these ros2 nodes and other features and pkgs when built (after build the ws using colcon build) are not created in this install/setup.bash. But instead is created just in /opt/AutowareAuto/setup.bash. This is the reason that the pointer points to nothing when the nodes are launched right?

Because when I source this last one bash, then the ros2 nodes are “visible” to the pointer right? And I do not get the error.

I ask myself why in lot of Autoware Auto tutorials they ask to source the /install/setup.bash and not /AutowareAuto/setup.bash
I am still confused why the first one crashes the things for me.

Just in addition even using the /AutowareAuto/setup.bash I get different display in rviz2 compared to the video class Tutorial. Rviz2 shows me an error of “odom” does not exist in global frame and fixed-frame. Than it is not possible keep launching the following other nodes for trajectory following. I use the same pkg and launch file that they use in git. So I do not understand why odometer does not appear to me. Actually when I issue a command to show the transforms for me, all the frames are built: gnss, base_link, imu, lidar, etc with exception of odom.
Is there some way to force a transform publisher between odom and base_link. Would this fix the problem?
The bridge with lgsvl is set and gnss/Odometry is specified in my json file for the lgsvl simulator.

Ok @ralves I have commented with my other email account below…sorry.
This is the complete description of the problem I wish to solve:

Thanks in advance