Save user .bashrc file so we don't have to source devel/setup.bash?

I’ve found that .bashrc gets reset when I log back in (after a while). That makes it very tedious since I can’t just include “source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash”. I continue to get caught by having to do that source command with every new shell I switch to. Would be great to just include that in .bashrc like I do on my home system (or have you just include it by default).

Hi @comm,

Good point. But this would only work for messages you have created previously, in the learning environment. If you create a new message, you would still need to source - source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash or source ~/.bashrc, because you can’t “open a new shell” like you would in a local environment.

Given this, and the fact that sourcing user-modified .bashrc automatically at startup can generate unpredictable problems that could prevent the environment from working, we think this might not be worth it.

I just source .bashrc when I need to - less typing. And when I start a new terminal I don’t have to source setup.bash. I can see that letting everyone modify their own .bashrc would be a nightmare. And for those learning I recognize that sourcing setup.bash is something they have to understand. So fair enough I guess - just less convenient.