Searching for the "blob_tracking_v2" package... (NEEDED!)


I’m trying, for an assignment of mine, to use OpenCV with ROS to detect a barrier tape in a world. I’ve seen, in the Unit 2 of the “ROS Perception in 5 Days” Course, that a certain python script is being used (which is in the “blob_tracking_v2” package) to determine the HSV values of the object to detect. That seems really useful and I want to use that in order to determine the values needed for the barrier tape.

Does anybody know how to add this package to ROS on my computer? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

If there’s such a package in that unit, you can get to it by doing

roscd blob_tracking_v2

Copy the files to your workspace, and then download it from the IDE.


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Wow @bayodesegun! Thanks a lot!

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