Section 9 - Exercise 9.1 -

The exercise is not clear, i cant understand what should i do.
The managed_scan_node and the lifecycle manager nodes already working and publishing and changing the state of lifecycle node to active as showed until exercise 9.1

Now The exercise9.1 asks what basically?
should i make a new life cycle node ? should i just modify both lifecycle node and also make a new client ?
the exercise asks to “Add a service server to receive an Empty srv message.

but the actuall state transition cannot accept this type of message
and also why would i need another server of the life cycle node creates this server for shutdown automatically upon creation of lifecycle node

please help it very unclear an there is no solution or hint

Thanks for calling that out.

One of our experts on the course will get back to you soon.


What you have to create is a node that in the same way that in the example lifecycle_manager it starts the managed_scan_node, you create one that can stop it when you call a service.

Its a bit confusing because inside etht nod that starts a service server , you will also have a service client that call the /managed_scan_node/change_state .

Hope it cleared things up

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