Services_quiz grader issue?

I seem to be having a problem with the autograder for the services_quiz. It appears that everything is working, but the grader hangs at the end for over 20 mins and gives be a total score of zero.

I get the following:

Feedback from the last successful autocorrection:

:heavy_check_mark: services_quiz pkg found (mark: 1.0)

:heavy_check_mark: services_quiz pkg correctly compiled (mark: 3.5)

:heavy_check_mark: move_bb8_in_square_custom service found (mark: 6.0)

But if I submit, I am still seeing a zero:

Your current score is 0.0/10.0

Can anything be done about this?


I also meet this problem before and now is solved. Check the following answer: Service quiz-review service quiz takes a long time

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That was it!
Thank you so much!