Services Quiz - how to implement the "sides" length requirement

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My question is about the services quiz. I understand how the logic works and I have implemented the solution for the most part. My confusion is surrounding the side variable. How are we meant to use this to extend the length of the square. Are we meant to be using a time delay, so the larger the time delay, the longer the time between publishing movement and publishing stopping movement for each side of the square. Or are we meant to be using a sensor I am not aware of to measure distance.

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Hi @j.nash,

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We are not expecting anything complex, just let the robot move for more x seconds according to the side variable before stopping it.

Another hint your might find useful is moving slowly and stopping the robot before each turn.

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Thank you for your response. I guess my question is how do you use a timedelay in C++ without the windows delay() in order to keep the robot moving for x seconds.

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Try ros::Duration()::sleep(). For example ros::Duration(0.5)::sleep() pauses execution for 0.5 secs.