Services_quiz: pkg did not compile

I have corrected my services quiz and I am getting all points, except of that the package did not compile. I have executed the catkin_make command after I have created the service message package and before I have created the services quiz package. Could that be the reason?

Hi @micha132003,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue. I’m sorry that you are facing the issue.

Yes, I think it’s something along that line. If I got you correctly, you created a separate package for the services message…

  • In the first place, your service message can just be created right inside the quiz package. It’s not necessary, and rather complex, to create a different package just for the service message.
  • In any case, you need to compile all the packages you create. If you do this, then you can find and fix any compilation errors.

So I recommend that you try putting everything in the quiz package and compile and test locally before submitting it again. Or…

if you’re using two different packages and you’re fine with that, ensure the quiz package compiles properly and everything works as mentioned before submitting again.


Thank you @bayodesegun for the guidelines!

I have the same problem. I used the package that I created for Example 3.8 and Exercise 3.3 to which I added the new package requires for the quiz. catkin_make works without any errors or warnings and when I test locally launching the server and the client BB8 moves as it should, although executing “source devel/setup.bash” is required.

That’s why I don’t understand this error. If everything works locally how can we know that there is a problem?

Now, the thing is that with the 2 submissions policy I am a bit reluctant to submit again.

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Thank you for clarifying.

In theory, you can import the service message from another package and everything should work fine, but your quiz package should be a separate package and should meet the exact specifications given. Perhaps something is not correct in the setup of the quiz package, or maybe the use of multiple packages?

If your quiz package compiled locally then it should compile in the grader as well. However, if we detect any problem with the grader, you can have an extra retry on us. So please feel free to submit again if you’re sure everything is in order.

@micha132003 and @ppelitaris In the case you didn’t solve this issue yet, please send me your Quiz packages to so that I can check them.



@albertoezquerro, @bayodesegun I have put everything in one package as you proposed and I took all the points.

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