Services Quiz - ROS in 5 days - Sorry, something went wrong. Contact our support for more information

I completed the Services Quiz.
The code works well when I launch it from terminal.
The robot does two small square and one big square.

But when I run it for correction I receive the following message:
‘‘Sorry, something went wrong. Contact our support for more information’’

note: The two launch files are coded in a way that I can use only once the roslaunch command.
No need to launch both launch files separately.

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i am also getting the same error…can anyone solve this issue

@nagachaitanya948 @etiennebouthiette

Our sincere apologies for this error. This error is on our side and we will have a look and fix it ASAP and keep you updated.

In the meantime, may I please ask that you proceed with the rest of the chapters? Thanks in advance for bearing with us.

By the way @nagachaitanya948, welcome to the community!

Hello @etiennebouthiette and @nagachaitanya948,

The error in our autocorrection system has already been fixed, so everything should work properly now. Please try to correct your Quizzes again and let us know if you experience any error. Apologies again for the inconvenience.