Services Unit Quiz Correction Issue

The quiz correction in services unit part 2 has been going for more than 20 mins. Last update on the pop up box is “move_bb8_in_square_custom service found (mark : 6.0)”. It hasn’t stopped loading since then.

Hello! Could you please send me the package/s you are trying to correct, so that I can test them and find out what’s going on? You can send them to:


Hi, I have mailed you the package as you had asked for. Kindly help me with the situation.

Hi again,

I’ve just reviewed your package, and the problem is in the launch file called call_bb8_move_in_square_custom_service_server.launch. In this file, you have also included the launch file that starts the Service Server. This is causing our auto-correction system to crash. You have to remove the include of this launch file. I have modified the notebook to clarify this point.

Also, I have reset your Quiz mark, so you will be able to correct again your Quiz.