Shape of Robot in Costmaps

Hello everyone ;

I am confused about a point in unit 5 in section " The role of the shape of the robot in the Costmaps" it says ;

For instance, for a square robot of 65cm per side, you would specify:
footprint: ‘[ [0.65, 0.65], [0.65, -0.65], [-0.65, -0.65], [-0.65, 0.65] ]’

if those are the x and y coordinates of each corner of the square, wouldnt it be square of 130cm per side instead a 65cm per side as mentioned in the lecture? or am i missing a point

this is important because i will prototype a rectangular robot soon

thank you in advance

Hello @erdemersan ,

Yes, you are totally right. I will update this in the notebook to avoid confusion.