Show course progress for courses taken by the user

I have been doing all of the exercises for the 5 days cpp course and under the details of the course it looks like there should be some sort of check next to each section as it gets completed? I even did the first topics quiz and got a 10 and nothing changed. I attached a screenshot of where it looks like there should be progress markers. The course resumes me to the correct place each time I return at least.
Let me know if it is supposed to show the progress on the course or if I am doing something wrong.

Hi @JonZimmerman,

Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong, just that that feature is not implemented yet. Therefore, I will turn this post to a feature request so that we can track it as something to possibly implement in the nearest future. Please consider voting on the request.

By the way, welcome to the Community!


This feature has been implemented. Please see the details below.

  1. You can see the progress you have made for each course…
    a. On the home page:

    b. On the courses list page::

    c. On the details page for each course:

  2. Your progress will be automatically tracked as you progress from one unit to the other.

We hope you find it useful.