Simulation wont work

simulation keeps loading, but doesn’t finish. no image of robot is shown. I tried reloading but nothing appears to help

Hi @wjtwise,

Thank you for letting us know and welcome to the Community!

In order to help you better - could you give us some more information?

  • Which unit of the course are you on?
  • Could you please share a screenshot show all parts of the simulation screen (Notebook, IDE, Shells and the Simulation window)?

In the meantime, we have seen in times past that this happens if ws and wss ports are being blocked. Please check the following (if you are in a corporate environment you may need to ask your system or network admin) :

  • Are you behind a proxy or firewall?
  • Are you behind a VPN?
  • Can you load some other units or other courses?
  • Can you try another Internet connection and, if possible, a different PC?