Simulator is not connecting

I have the same problem now with the simulator.

Hi @kchamsed,

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Sorry about the problem. Could you please confirm the course and unit you are on? If you can, please share a screenshot.

PS: I moved this thread away from the old topic to keep things clean.


the current course is ROS Basics in 5 Days and iam now the sphero course project. Refreshing the browser is not helping me.


Okay, thanks, looking into it. Hold on to your hat…


Does it load yet? If not, try changing to another unit with a different simulation and then change right back.

If that does not work - please let me know. I will need to change your VM.

Hi @bayodesegun ,

sorry it still not working…

Hi @kchamsed,

Ok. Please start the course again (or refresh the page if you are there) to get a new VM.

Please let us know if it loads now.

Hi @bayodesegun,

yes it finally works again. Thank you very much.

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