Simulator is not responding

I have just started learning ROS and trying to figure out my way. I have complete topics_quiz and as advised I am trying to start working on my first ROSject. Now, I am not really sure why T3 is not responding to the program.

Can anyone please guide me? Is there something I am doing wrong?

Hi, in your program, you are subscribing to the wrong laser scan topic. You can check the correct one by running

rostopic list

Thank you I got that working. However, I as facing difficulties in calculating correctly. I have referred to one of the other threads to explore options to solve it. In that post , you mentioned about getting smaller values and we can use use rviz for that. Couldnt figure out how to do it. Appreciate your help.

Reference : Problem with publishing to cmd_vel and incorrect distances from laser

Thanks for responding promptly. I have resolved the issue.

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