Sjtu Drone problem

Hi, I’ve been doing everything like in this tutorial video:

and launched the simulation by this command: $roslaunch drone_construct main.launch

but in the gazebo drone doesn’t show oneself.

Iam using ROS kinetic :

Hello @gbr.bartek,

First of all, many thanks for sharing your ROSject with us. This really helps us in order to debug the issue you are having. In order to solve the problem, try the following.

First, change the branch of your parrot_ardrone sim to kinetic-gazebo7:

git checkout kinetic-gazebo7

Make sure also that you get the latest changes by:

git pull origin kinetic-gazebo7

And next, recompile and source your workspace:

source devel/setup.bash

This should solve the problem of the drone visualization.



Thanks a lot, it’s working perfectly

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