Solution of Services Quiz

I submitted the Services Quiz, but when the grading process finishes I don’t find the correct solution of the quiz. Where can I find it?

Hi Gianmauro,

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When the corrections finishes you will find a link to the solution in the box that pops up. In order to see the solution you need to submit the quiz again (sorry for the trouble). But please be aware that once you view the solution you cannot resubmit again.


I submitted the quiz again. The pops-up showed me only my score, but not the solution. I have one trial left for the submission.
Could you send me via mail the solution?

Hi @gianmauro.fontana,

I’m afriad we cannot send the solution by email, you need to view it by clicking the link. I see that the link is not showing now, I apologize for that. We’ll look into that as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted.

I am also waiting for the solution. I resubmitted my quiz twice but still don’t see any link for solution. How could providing solution hard that much ? Please support us.

@enderayhan @gianmauro.fontana I apologize for this error. I will work on it today and get back to you once done.

To compensate for this, I’m also going to increase your trials by +1. Thanks for your understanding.

@enderayhan @gianmauro.fontana The fix has been implemented. Thank you for your patience.

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@bayodesegun Thanks for this support not only for us, also for everbody.

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