Sorry, but I want refund + Why

Hello, I tried your courses and maybe I was just unlucky, but I am dissatisfied a lot.

I got stuck on ROS Basics in 5 days. Naturally, I struggled and after 5 days, I asked here on forum.

After 12 DAYS (!!!) somebody actually got to my question and said that the example does not work.
Please, try to emphasize with beginner that is wasting his time and energy on something that cannot even work.
Basically, I got stuck for 5 + 12 days on one Unit out of my 30 day subscription. Since this course is called BASICS, I did not want to skip ahead until I get it right.

The question is here as proof: Sphero, copy pasted code does not work

And here is another thing, I have made suggestion to fix typo in SOURCE CODE 22 days ago and it is still not fixed.

I still have one day or two on my subscription. I have not utilized any ROSject time and I did not get past the bug in your program. I am cancelling my subscription and I hope you will refund me.

Lastly, I want to say, It saddens me, because I really like the idea of this learning resource, also I regularly watch Ricardos and the new guy’s Youtube classes and podcasts, but I think I need some time off from RIA. I might come back. I hope you guys fix your issues, retest your examples and allocate more time to the beginners questions (especially if they are your fault).

Hi @t.hri,

we are sorry to hear about the experience you had while using the platform.

A refund has been done to you today. With regards to the problems you found, we are working on improving the platform every day.

I agree that in the last few weeks we did not publish any improvement in the platform. That happened because we were working hard on bringing a newer version of it. The newer version would contain a more robust environment.

We are happy to hear suggestions because we believe it is one of the best ways to improve the system.

So, feel free to send us feedback messages. We appreciate.


Thanks, there are no hard feelings from my side, I think this platform has lots of potential and I hope to come back soon. One suggestion I would also make, is to spell check your notebooks, I noticed a lot of mistakes in spelling, which subconsciously makes me feel like you are not very professional (which is absurd inference, but that is the effect), also it is really easy done by computer.


Hi @t.hri,

thanks for the suggestion.

We actually do the proof-reading, but if you noticed some misspelling errors, then we may have overlooked it.

Once again, thanks for letting us know where we can improve.