Sphero Project cmd_vel and odom and imu measurement problems

Publishing a Twist() message to the /cmd_vel topic in the linear.x direction yields a very weird direction. In addition, reading values whether from the imu data or odom data to get the orientation, does not give accurate measurements at all, and i think the values are scaled down or something.
I tried the first code snipped provided by you in the project, and it gives unexplained behavior from the robot. I also followed the video tutorial on how to convert Quaternion to Euler angles, and used the provided snipped, also with no success since the orientation measurements are not making any sense. Could you please check on that?


Hi @moh.abouseif,

In order to help you better and faster, could you please provide more information…

How is the direction weird and can you please give a sample of the Twist() message published?

How did you reach the conclusion that the measurements were not accurate or seem scaled-down?

Which specific code snippet is this, and what do you mean by unexplained behavior?