Start Programming Drones using ROS - ROS Q&A 008

Hello, for some reasons, i cannot open simulation with the parrot_drone in gazebo from this rosject.
Is it just me ?
Thank you!

Hi @sebirobz
Could you specify what error you are getting or screenshot?

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I am at my very beginning with ROS, so Iā€™m a newbie :sweat_smile: .
When I was looking at the tutorial, the person there just clicked run on the rosject and a gazebo window appeared and he could visualize the 3d model and everything.
Mine is empty, can you please provide me with some steps so I can get a visualization on the rosject?
Also there is no error

I was doing a search and I found an old post with the same problem: Sjtu ardrone problem with Gazebo
If you follow the instructions you will be able to run gazebo with the parrot drone.
Anyway, since you say you are starting, I recommend you take a look at the course "Programming Drones with ROS ", where they explain in more detail how to handle the parrot and you have the setup already prepared


I will try that, thank you.

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