Steps to build this project in my local

Can you please provide me the steps to build this project in my local TX2 environment?

The list of steps are the following:

  1. Have a Linux - ROS environment set up
  2. Go to the Live class n. 40 (inside the academy, go to the menu option Live Classes) and click on the rosject of that live class. This will lead you to the ROSDS screen where you will see the rosject image and documentation.
  3. On that screen, you will see an icon that allows you to donwload the rosject to your local computer. Press that icon to download
  4. Unzip the rosject and put all the ROS packages of the catkin_ws and simulation_ws inside your local catkin_ws
  5. Compile everything with catkin_make
  6. Then launch the simulation and the training system. Follow the instructions of the included notebook.

Take into account that you may have problems with libraries installed in your system. That is up to you to solve those dependencies.

I would recommend you that you use the rosject in the ROSDS instead of in your local computer in order to avoid those problems.

Best of lucks

Thanks you. will try it out.