Stuck on quiz 4.3

Hi.Need help.
Can someone explain me the structure of the ROS package.
Quiz ask me to create publisher and subscriber, do i need to create them in the same folder or in separate folders?
And if it need to be in the same pkg folder, how many launch files i need? or i can launch subscriber and publisher from the same launch file?

  1. Structure of a ros package: Explaining what each folder and file is for
├── CMakeLists.txt
├── package.xml
├── launch/
│   ├── some_launch_file.launch
├── src/
│   ├── some_node.cpp
├── include/
│   ├── some_header_file.h
├── msg/
│   ├── SomeMessage.msg
├── srv/
│   ├── SomeService.srv
├── config/
│   ├── some_config_file.yaml
  1. You can create them of course in a same package and have a node that handles both publisher and subscriber as well.
  2. One launch file can obviously handle it since the launch file allows you to launch one or multiple nodes.

thank you Caytu for quick answer :pray:

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