(student) Why can't I see answers for Exercise 3.2 and 3.3?

Hi. I was wondering why there is no answers provided for exercise 3.2 and 3.3. If possible, could you provide the answers for reference. Thank you.

Hey Brandon!

They are available, directly under the exercises where it says Solution Exercise x.y. Could you please check again and let us know?

By the way, welcome to the Community!

Hey, where can I find this folder?

Hey, it’s not a folder. Under each of the exercises, within the notebook, you have a link to the solution, under a heading like “Solution Exercise 3.2”. Both exercises have this link, right next to the exercise.

Thanks for the replay.

I can’t find the solution to Exercise 2.1

It’s at the end of the page, and there is no “solution to …”

Also for Exercise 3.2 I can’t see the solution.
Below it there is " How to Prepare CMakeLists.txt …" and then there is the quiz.

Hi @lneharde @brandon_lawrence,

Sorry my bad. I didn’t remember until now - the solutions are not shown if you are a student. You need to contact you teacher (the person who assigned you the license) for the correction.


Thanks for the answer.
No one assigned this assignment to me, I just want to learn. I’m stuck with these assignments so to see how to do it, and learn from it could be very helpful!

Hi @lneharde,

Jack (your teacher) assigned this license to you. By design, he’s supposed to correct your assignments (and therefore we are not showing the solution). Please have a word with him and let him tell us if he wants a different arrangement.

Thanks for your understanding.