Subscription not activated

I’ve bought a monthly subscription on 1st of june but I’m still not able to acceed to the courses.
When I login and go into my account’s settings, I stiil see the message " You don’t have a subscription here. [SUBSCRIBE] and start making the most of The Construct!"
I’ve already received the recipit of the payment on 1st of June so I think that it is not a payment proplem.
How can I proceed to acceed to the courses?

Many thanks,

You probably paid with another account, not this one.

Can you try logging in with the account linked to the email where your payment receipt was sent?

If not sure, please send me the details of the email in a private message.

Hi Gianluca,
we found an error during the payment processing system for your payment. We have corrected it now.

In order to compensate you for the inconveniences suffered, we reset your license to today 6th of June, and extended it for more than a month until the 16th of July.

I apologize for the inconvenienece

Have a happy learning

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