Super confused on where to do Topics Quiz4.4

The above instruction is very detailed and through however going forward the instructions says something like this:

It ask us to follow the instructions on ROSjects to complete the part 1 of the the project. Now the confusion is where to build the solution of Topics quiz in 4.4 in the same environment as the course or in the ROSjects? Moreover the Jupyter notebook opening in the rosject when you follow the link has instructions only for the python and not C++

the the instructions which I am talking about are these:

In nutshell I am confused about where to make the solution for the quiz to be graded correctly? in the IDE of the course itself or the rosject ?

The rosject and the Topics Quiz in 4.4 are two different assessments.

You should complete the quiz in the course environment, and you should complete the rosject tasks in the rosjects environment.

What do you mean by “has instructions for the Python”? The instructions seem generic to me.

You can just implement your logic in C++, based on what you have learned, and everything will work fine.