Teb_navigation robotcar trouble

im on the last part of the teb_navigation module, and am having a lot of trouble.
The desciption of the task is veyr short and im not quite sure where to start.
I know that i am missing an /odom frame and a proper odometry topic. There is no odom frame in my tf_tree when i check.

there is cmd_vel and odom_cmd_vel available, and a lot of other topics, but im not sure where to go from here. Am i uspposed to publish this transform myself? and the odometry message? HELP!!!

Hello @edvart ,

You are totally right, this project is lacking some data in order to be easier to follow. I will work on it in the following days to improve it. Instead, I would like to suggest to you a couple of new courses we have added to the Academy lately that also make use of the TEB local planner, in case you want to keep practicing with it:

Hope this helps,

Thanks, i started the robotnik course and ran into another problem. I cannot download the RVIZ config file (outdoor.rviz). Access denied when i click it.

nevermind, i just imported the file from the solutions repository.

Ok That issue has been fixed. It was related to the fact that it was a non-notebook file. Now we have created a repo where you can download all those extra files, apart from the solution you found also :wink:

In the next system update it will be already that solution. SOrry for the inconvenience