Terminal disconnected

I ofen got terminal disconnected during training setction, does the training job continue or stop? I check the log file, it seems stopped. How to avoid this? Anyway to run the training job in the background so that even terminal disconnected, we can still get the training result?

So I’m affraid running in the background is not yet possible in RobotIgniteAcademy. Mainly its not meant for that. This course pushes the limits of the RIA system and shell disconetions can occur if the process max out system memory. Its only meant to teahc you how to start and do a very basic training. If you want a serious training session, we useROSDevelopementStudio for that. You can buy hours of high end GPU enabled systems to do serious AI Deep Learning.

But in any case we will have to take a look because it shouldnt happen very often.

We are working in the disconnection issue by removing many of the massive logs that we generate (and are not really useful anyway).