Testing results with Catkin_make?

i rahe the test with catkin_make
at the end of the compilation i only get ok as the result of the test isnted of the detailled results obtained when i ran the tests directly form Python. Is it normal.

Other question, when i ran the test with Python the terminal is unusable after the results are shown( i used Ctrl-C or enter and it did not changed anything )


  1. The issue with teh tests its true, to kill it you will have to kill the process like this:

ps faux | grep .py
That will output something like this:

user:~$ ps faux | grep .py
user       3116 15.4  0.0 509804 25772 pts/0    Rl+  07:57   0:19  |   \_ python rotate_robot_test.py

sudo kill -9 3116

That will kill the process.

  1. As for the catkinmake also true. Tetsing systems in ROS are having many issues latelly. We will look into the issue to see if we can find a solution