The automatic save doesn't save the ~/.bashrc file (nor ~/.vimrc)?

I have changed the file .bashrc with vi editor :

export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=burger

After I logout and login again, the change of .bashrc is disappeared.

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I’ve noticed this too with my .vimrc file. It looks like only the files in your catkin_ws are saved. I would just make a script that edits your .bashrc file, keep it in your workspace, and run it whenever you logon.

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Hi @jysah

As @daniel.v.molina1 pointed out, the catkin_ws folder is what we commonly save for courses, and we normally do not save any hidden files like .bashrc, HOWEVER, I just did a deployment and now the changes made to the ~/.bashrc file will also be saved.

@daniel.v.molina1, I’m now making the changes to also save the ~/.vimrc file, but this specific change will be fully deployed only by tomorrow.


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