the course does not continue

Good evening, I already did the exercises of the first session, but the course does not continue, but it appears many times IN […], I don’t understand how to continue

Hi @BrayanAndruMontenegro,

Welcome to the Community!

Which course are you taking and what do you mean by “the course does not continue”? Are you trying to do something and it’s not working? Can you share a screenshot?

On the simulation (practise labs) screen, you will see four sections.

  • The one to your left contains the instructions - you need to scroll up and down to see more instructions.
  • You have the terminals at the bottom, where you run the commands given.
  • You have the IDE at the top-middle.
  • You have the simulation at the top-right.

Please let us know in details the problem you are having. Looking forward to hearing from you.