The course ROS 101 does not run

here is a screenshot of what i get when i start running the course

a blank page.

i really want to learn this course, can someone please help me
thank you in advance

Hi @Halim I am not support or site administrator, just a learner like yourself, but, if you reply to me with a link I will see if I can open it.

Hi @Halim ,

It may be a broken link, how did you get to this page?
What is the course you are looking for?


here is the link Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses please. thank you

the course is called ROS for Industrial Robots 101

Hi @Halim ,

Unfortunately this course was deactivated, we recommend you to try one course that is related, about Manipulation:

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okay thank you for your help, could you please tell me which course could teach me how to plan a cartesian path for an indutrial robot arm ( a UR10 in my case ).

best regards,

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a course that cover this subject.

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