The Jupyter notebook does not load

I am in the unit 4 of ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python) Noetic. It was working fine till this morning. Now I am not able to load the notebook any more, but the ide, simulator and command terminal are working fine.
I have tried to restart my laptop and clear all the data in chrome but no good.
Please help. Thanks.


Welcome to the Community!

This is very strange. Which browser are you using? We only support Chrome and Firefox at this time, so please ensure you are using one of those.

On Chrome and Firefox, you can try:

  • Right click on the notebook area and choose “Reload frame” (Or this frame => reload frame).

Hi @bayodesegun ,
I was using Chrome and also tried Firefox, both were the same.
It’s strange that it was back to normal after a couple of hours, and now the notebook can be loaded.