The quiz won't load - it just spins

The quiz and the simulator have been very finicky. Without changing my code, sometimes the quiz gives me credit for the first program and sometimes it marks it wrong. Then it hangs and won’t proceed and just spins and says loading.

I’ve tried going to a different unit and coming back (as suggested on a different thread) and that hasn’t helped.

Hey @mccolgm,

Sorry about the trouble.

Which specific course and quiz is this? Could you please share some screenshots of what is happening?

I was working in the final exam for the basics course. I was only successful after getting out of the final exam module and getting back in and NOT running anything before attempting the quiz.

I got the certificate and didn’t take screenshots when i was having the trouble.

One thing I noticed was that sometimes my drone_takeoff.launch file would receive credit and sometimes it wouldn’t. In both cases, the drone was taking off in the simulation during the quiz and the code was the same for both attempts.

But i’m done and received the certificate! So I’m moving on. Thanks!


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