The TF ROS2 course has bugs

Nor the turtle, nor the camera-bot are spawned and the frames.pdf that I could generate looks completely different to the one shown in the instructions.

(I cannot upload more than one image - show pdf file screenshot in answer below)

There is also a bug in the notebook itself, where the some latex formated text got into the title 2.5:
(I cannot upload more than one image - show latex in title in answer below)

The last bug I have encountered was during the introduction, where I had to run: sudo apt install ros-galactic-launch-param-builder for it to even compile and to launch the file.

I wanted to report this by clicking on the ! Report an Error Button, but there is a bug as well. After writing everything down it fails to upload the error-report.

Could it be that I have done something wrong?

This is the pdf that got generated:

And this is the wrongly formated title:

I have just found this thread here: TF ros2 frame error!
And just being patient and waiting for the simulation to load completely (it took like 2 minutes) solved the issues. Sorry for spamming.

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