This thing is really irritating and time wasting

Respected Sir, As I have mentioned this issue before, whenever I try to remove a line of code in the python file or ROS launch file, some other code duplicates itself. Or what happens is that, when I remove a line of code, some other line also vanishes automatically. This thing happens repeatedly and I’ve to quit and open the file multiple times before I’m able to successfully write a line of code. This consumes, and wastes, a lot of productive time. Would you please tell me a solution to it? Am I doing some mistake that leads to these issues or Is there anything else I need to do to avoid these happenings?
Below is an example of this:

I’m practicing Unit 2 of ROS Basics. As I want to delete the <param> and <remap> tags, <node> tag duplicates itself. The <launch> node, simultaneously, goes hidden. At the same time, the ending part of the node tag, </node>, gets lost.
These kind of things happens every time I try to open a file and write a code or delete a code from an existing file.

We are really sorry for this unconfortable issue. This is related to the shells and vim. he workaround is just closing it and opening it again. The second time the rendering works.

We are working on the solution of this issue that even happens sometimes in desktop normal linux terminals.

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