To run "web-shell" (terminal) more?

Currently in “6_Grasping”
rostopic echo /basic_grasping_perception/find_objects/result
I need more “web-shell” (terminal) to run

What should I do??

P.S: Terminal in IDE doesn’t work well when I run the above command??

Hello @mdc1020,

Why you need more terminals? It should be enough with 4. What do you have running?


  1. roslaunch fetch_gazebo_demo move_torso.launch

  2. roslaunch fetch_gazebo_demo move_head.launch


  3. roslaunch simple_grasping basic_perception_dbg.launch

  4. Target value
    rostopic pub /basic_grasping_perception/find_objects/goal grasping_msgs/FindGraspableObjectsActionGoal “header:
    seq: 0
    secs: 0
    nsecs: 0
    frame_id: ‘base_link’
    secs: 0
    nsecs: 0
    id: ‘’
    plan_grasps: false”

  5. rostopic echo /basic_grasping_perception/find_objects/result★
    –> Need More Web-shall

P.S: Do you have any lectures related to ★Darknet??

Hello @mdc1020,

Shell 1 and Shell 2, which are executed to raise the torso and lower the head of Fetch’s robot, can be closed. Once they finish the motion you can stop the programs without problems.


Yes sir. Thanks for the explanation.
I am learning well thanks to “The Construct”.