Topic quiz rules and some error after quiz

hi, I am a beginner of ROS, and I really think this is an wonderful platform for learning it.
But here is sth really makes me confused…。
First, I finished the topic quiz which asking us to let the minibot avoid the wall in front of it.
But I really don’t know what should I do before submit the quiz except making sure the robot can finish the job.(ig. name the node name as “topic_quiz_node” ?) So I got 0 scores in the first quiz QAQ.
Another thing is that the link of the answer of topic_quiz is dead…
Is there actually any rules before-quiz and any way I can see the final ANS?
thank you.
BTW I really enjoy in learning ROS here. Step-by-step tutorials and the systematic teaching. Awesome!!

@bayodesegun, @rtellez maybe you guy can take a look at this question.

@a0987519016 Before submitting a quiz, you should make sure you read the instructions VERY carefully. Packages and files have to have the correct name. Also make sure you test your code and check if it does exactly what is required.