Topics Quiz 3.7 issue with final assess (robot not safe)

Hello there,
I’m having an issue with the final assessment of Test Quiz 3.7. I basically get this output:

…but everything is working fine both on my side and on the simulation I see behind the grader.
What could be the problem?

Here’s the callback I wrote:

If everything is working fine locally, it could be that your robot is not getting to the final destination within the stipulated time of 30 seconds. Or perhaps your robot went in a different direction than the one shown in the example?

Could you time that and let us know?

@bayodesegun, the robot steers after 4s and reaches the left side of the “cage” at 12s. I set a velocity for the forward motion of 0.5 on the x-axis.

In my case, I see the robot doing a single rotation before resuming the forward motion, while the tutorial shows two rotational adjustments. But this is not what the grader complains about anyway.

I think this is the key. The complaint of the grader is that the robot did not avoid the obstacle correctly, where “correctly” means as shown in the tutorial.

The goal of the quiz is to make two turns, the first one probably based on the front laser sensor, and the other based on the right side laser sensor. As you know, one turn hardly cuts it in real life :slight_smile:

Now it works! Probably the difference was in not checking all the values of the laser scan, as I was doing, but only the three at 180, 360, and 540, resulting in a slightly different behavior of the robot.


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