Topics Quiz and Services Intro example 3.1

No matter how many times I tried to submit the topics quiz, it would not be graded. This gives me the feeling that nobody here actually maintains things on this site.
Example 3.1 in the Services Intro code: roslaunch iri_wam_aff_demo start_demo.launch
This does nothing. My robot does not move like it states that it should. What is the deal?

Hi @joseng

Sorry about the troubles, but could you please tell us exactly:

  • what are seeing?
  • what you are not seeing?

You can:

  • share screenshots
  • copy/paste full terminal output.

For the topics_quiz:

  • are you able to run the quiz manually? When you execute the quiz package, did the robot move and avoid the wall as expected?
  • when you submit the quiz, what happens exactly?

For example 3.1 of Services,

  • what happens when you run the roslaunch command? Can you show us the terminal output, from where you ran the command to where it exits?

Looking forward to hearing from back from you!