TrajByNameRequest . Why is TrajByNameRequest imported when it is not defined in any srv folder

I don’t understand (nor find find the folder in which it is defined) the TrajByNameRequest srv variable.

I do understand how the TrajByName srv variable is created.

On < Unit 4: Services in ROS >, in the < Python Program {4.5}: >, the srv variable TrajByNameRequest is imported alongside the TrajByName srv variable.

Although, when I check the folder < /home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/iri_wam/iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory/srv > , there is no TrajByNameRequest srv variable defined; only the TrajByName srv variable appears.

Thank you in advance.

Answer found in:

Topic: Exercise 3.1 How to know what to import when interacting with ROS service messages programmatically

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