Turtlebot Maze Confusion

Hello, I am currently attempting the maze project with the turtle bot, and I must say I am confused as to how I am supposed to proceed. Is getting the bot outside of the maze enough? If it is, then I feel there is no need for things, like for example, the odometry or the custom message.

I’m just confused, because following the guide I would need to create many files and it confuses me because I can achieve that the robot goes out with less.

Do I have to follow the guide step by step to do well on the exam? Is there some sort of sample solution to the project I can look at, since I am incredibly confused?

Does your robot stop after exiting the maze ? It should travel the minimum distance needed to get out of the maze and then stop. It doesn’t have that in the instructions but you have to remember that it does say it should apply to a real robot and you wouldn’t want it running on forever. Following each of the steps the first 4 for sure and it will definitely help when taking the final exam, The goal may say get the turtlebot out of the maze but the purpose of the project is to make sure you can take all the things you have learned and apply them in one large project.

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Hi Diego,
it is true that you can achieve to get out of the maze in a simpler way. However, you must follow the instructions of the project, because the goal is to practice all what you have learnt during the course in a single project.

We are taking seriously your comment, and we are going to modify the project in February so that it doesn’t allow any other simpler solution.

Thanks for the comment

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