Turtlebot maze highscores

I’m wondering what usual times for escaping the maze with the turtlebot are. Or if there is a high score list. I’m at about 8 seconds now, but I’m ambitious :D, what is the best time? should I keep tweaking?

Hi Simon

There’s no high score list atm, but we might have one in the future!

If everything works fine, you can just submit.

PS: I think 8 secs is a pretty good time for winning the race in a competition, assuming there’s no “close-looping” :wink:

I just found out that the speed HUGELY depends on the VMs performance. I get average of about 11 seconds. with rqt_plot opened, that drops down to 16.5 seconds average :sleepy:

and yes, no closed loop :smiley: just intelligent use of trigonometry… and people say you never need that xD

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How / where do I submit the program turtlebot program? does it have to be all in one package?

The project is not meant to be submitted. At least not directly. The Final exam will test some of the concepts learned here.