Tutorial on installing OpenCv


Can we get a tutorial on installing opencv library for c++ and python.
And also a tutorial on how to manage different opencv versions?

For example,

  1. Install two different versions of opencv in python, but ROS can use either version depending on the configuration

  2. Install two different versions of opencv in C++, but ROS can use either versions depending on the configuration (I think you can do this in the cmakelist file ?)


Vey cool suggetion as video tutorial of the week! I’ll pass it through and see what we can do.
As far as I can see in a first serach there is this material that could give you some hints:



Seeing these answers it reinforces your suggestion of making a tutorial because its really not that well documented and explained. We will consider it seriously. Thanks for the suggestion.

Keep on giving thee great suggestions.

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Thank you! Will be looking forward to watching the tutorial.

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