Unable to generate map correctly

In the 6th unit: Navigating the Summit XL Robot, I am unable to generate the map as effectively as shown in the expected results. It was a tedious process trying to move the robot to generate the map.I tried for around 3 hours moving the robot to get a proper figure of the map as expected but I couldn’t.

This certainly is not how the map should look like.What am I doing wrong?

That is definitely not the thing it should appear. The reasons for that may be many, but let me suggest a simple one to test:

  • please in the launch file of the gmapping, please configure it with a laser range of 40 meters range. By increasing the range, you will be able to create the map faster, but also get more reference points so the algorithm gets less lost.

Let me know if that works

Maybe the reason I got an incorrect map was that I tried to move my robot too fast.However by increasing the range and decreasing the speed, the map was formed more quickly and correctly