Unable to launch mutilple Fetch robots in fetch_gazebo package

Hi guys!
I am a new here. I want to try multiple robots navigation and arm control. I followed Live Class 64: Multiple Robots Navigation, I could launch multiple turtles bots.
However I want to achieve multiple Fetch robots navigation. And I tried to launch multiple Fetch robots, using package fetch_gazebo in rds, the path of the launch file is /home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/fetch_tc/fetch_sim/fetch_gazebo/launch/main_multiple.launch, However when started, I found the tf tree was wrong, it did not show what I expected. Any clue how to fix this? The tf tree is here: multiple_fetch_robots_tf.pdf

Thanks in advance!


I found a closed issue in offical fetch repo. https://github.com/fetchrobotics/fetch_gazebo/issues/18
It says the maintainer currently won’t consider to develop multiple fetch robots feature.
So… in short, we can not use multiple fetch robots now?

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You could try to do it yourself. Launch multiple instances. It is important to publish into seperate tf topics.

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