Unable to make the model to perform a square in Gazebo

I’m try to do - Exercise 5.3.1 - in Gazebo Simulator but I’m not able to make the a_barrier model moving ?

Also I have tried the solution provided without any luck. I feel that I’m missing something but I’m not sour what?

can someone advice me in that ?

kind regards,
Mohammad Alshamsi

Hi, could you provide more feedback of what is happening?

Do you have errors when launching your plugin?

How are you launching it?

Is the system finding the gazebo plugin you wrote?

Dear @rodrigo55 ,

Thank you very much for your hints. I found out that gazebo is not loading the plugin, so I changed the plugin name in “model.world” file and make sure it match the plugin name in “CMakeLists.txt”.
Now it’s working :slight_smile:

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