Understanding how to make Joints

How do you know the origin for the joints. I am trying to build a new model using the below information

How would I go about making a joint to connect the base to arm and arm to propeller.

The origin of an object depends on the type:

  1. If its a besic geometry object, like box, cylinder or sphere, the origin is in the center of the geometry. This is unless you changed that origin through th e origin tag insid ethe visual, colision or inertial tags.
  2. If its a 3D mesh, then depends on the 3D mesh itself. To know where the origin is in a 3D mesh the best and fastes way is to import that mesh into blender. The origin of the object will be depicted by an orange dot that appears when you select the object:

As for the question you placed here, have you gone through the URDFcourse here in robotigniteaccademy?

In your case if you connect the base_link with the arm_M1_ink, you can do two things:

  1. Add the needed displacement in the joint values
  2. Add the displacement in the mesh or link object and then connect the joint to the null origins.

As you see fit.

Please post here your project if you want us to have a look and maybe help you. Create also a ROSject in ROSDevelopementStudio ROSDS so that you can share your project with the community and we can contribute to your project ;).