Unit 3: MoveIt Assistant Create New Planner not working

Hi there,
I just wanted to start with unit 3 of the Manipulation course. The previous units worked fine, but now I am struck by a bug I guess:

When I want to use the MoveIt Assistant to create the MoveIt package for the fetch robot, I get stuck on the Planning Groups tab. I cannot select the Kinematic Resolver as the drop-down list is not appearing and when I try to change the Group Default Planner with the drop-down list, it doesn’t render the list correctly.

Like this, I am unable to continue.

Has this occurred before? Is there a way I can resolve this?

With kind regards,

Hello @dave.vandermeer1,

I’ve been doing some tests with this and it seems to be working OK for me:

Is this still happening to you? It might just have been an isolated bug.


Hi there,
Today, I tried again and it worked now. Maybe it was indeed an isolated bug.

Thanks for the quick reaction.