Unit 4 - Robot Model Not Showing

When I launch rviz2 on terminal 2 , the white robot model does not appear as it is supposed to:

I even sourced my terminal and everything with these 2 commands before running:

source ~/ros2_ws/install/setup.bash
source /home/simulations/ros2_sims_ws/install/setup.bash

yet nothing appears. Anything i’m doing wrong?

Nevermind, it managed to show for the second part of the activity.

Hello @HusamArdah, could you please explain more in detail what you did to solve the problem. Do you think there are missing instructions in the course or could it be that you accidentally skipped a step ?
I genuinely would like to know just in case we need to update that unit and be more clear and concise when explaining what to do.

Thanks in advance,


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