Unit 5: Exercise 5.1

Hello everyone,

I am unable to execute the path from the Home' position to the Start’ position because, apparently, the current position is more than 0.01 units away from the demanded current position (Home') (see error below. Is there any reason why the Home’ position is `not’ feasible?
I am able to generate a path but I cannot execute it because of this.


O] [1690573898.156964220, 173.853000000]: Execution request received
[ERROR] [1690573898.178863717, 173.870000000]:
Invalid Trajectory: start point deviates from current robot state more than 0.01
joint 'elbow_flex_joint': expected: 1.7, current: 1.71997
[ INFO] [1690573898.179114766, 173.870000000]: Execution completed: ABORTED
[ INFO] [1690573898.541182404, 174.066000000]: ABORTED: Solution found but controller failed during execution```

Thanks a bunch for trying to resolve this issue.

Hello @arnab007 ,

You can try increasing a little bit the tolerance. You can do this in the trajectory_execution.launch.xml file, in this line:

<param name="trajectory_execution/allowed_start_tolerance" value="0.01"/>


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